Eco-Friendly Gift Sets


Eco-Friendly Gift sets GS-16: Contains 3 products as listed beside. packed in a cardboard gift box with a cushion inside for product protection and presentation.

Product Combination

  1. TM-013-SL: Stainless Steel Flask with Bamboo Lid.
  2. WCP-C4: Wireless Charging Phone Stand. (Cement and Bamboo Material.)
  3. MS-C3: Bluetooth Speaker (Cement and Bamboo Material.

Eco-Friendly Gift Sets GS-16

Your brand is always seen by your clients and audiences with these packages. of course, you also know that when your clients use these amazing and attractive packages, it can help you to find new customers who are related and have connections with your old clients. This product  Eco-Friendly Gift Set GS-16 is here to help you and your brand

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Eco-Friendly Gift Sets