Eco-Friendly Gift Sets


Eco-Friendly Gift Sets GS-30: Contains 3 products as listed beside. packed in a cardboard gift box with a cushion inside for product protection and presentation.

Product Combination

  1. TM-014: Glass Flask with Bamboo Lid.
  2. TM-030: Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid.
  3. COA-02: Cork Tea Coaster.

Eco-Friendly Gift Sets GS-30

The three products in this collection, which is referred to as an eco-friendly gift set, are all environmentally friendly products. This is a useful and appealing presentation.

Combination of products:

A glass flask with a bamboo cap is included in eco-friendly gift boxes, which helps reduce the daily use of one to three plastic bottles. glass cup with a bamboo lid, borosilicate glass that is heat-resistant, and a cork tea coaster. Your brand’s logo can be printed or laser-engraved on this item and all of the things it contains.

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Eco-Friendly Gift Sets