Fast Charging Universal Travel Adaptors 20W

  • Material: ABS, Brass, Bamboo | Item Size: 50 x 40 x 75 mm | Item Weight: 0.105 kg | Fast Charging: 20W

Travel adaptors are devices designed to allow travelers to plug their electronic devices into different types of power outlets found in various countries around the world.

The design of power outlets varies greatly from one country to another, with differences in plug shapes, sizes, and voltage standards. This can create challenges for travelers who want to use their electronic devices in foreign countries.

A universal travel adaptor typically features multiple plug configurations that can fit into different types of outlets. Some may also include voltage converters or surge protectors to ensure that devices are safely powered and protected from electrical spikes.

Overall, a universal travel adaptor is a convenient and essential accessory for international travelers, allowing them to stay connected and powered up while exploring the world.

  • Plugs: US, UK, AUS, EU, JPN
  • Input : 100-240VAC – 50-60Hz
  • Total Loading: 6A Max
  • Rated Output: 110/650W, 220V/1300W
  • USB Outputs : DC 5V : Type-C, USB 2.1a
  • USB+Type C Output : QC18W + PD20W
  • Pin Material: Brass
  • Bamboo Touch.
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Fast Charging Universal Travel Adaptors 20W