Tech Gift Sets


Tech Gift Sets GS-31: Contains 3 products as listed beside. packed in a cardboard gift box with a cushion inside for product protection and better presentation.

Product Combination

  1. JU-WCM1-GY: Wireless Charging Mousepad
  2. CAR-WS: Wireless Car Charger Mount
  3. MS-05: Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging.

Tech Gift Sets

Every organization is offered this product since the contents of the bundle are so appealing and practical. Everyone is aware that technology is used by individuals nowadays and has become a significant aspect of daily life. So, a present like this collection of “Tech Gift Sets” can please everyone. Your branding may also be printed on the items.

Combination of products

  1. A mousepad with wireless charging
  2. Mount for a wireless car charger
  3. Wireless charging for Bluetooth speakers

Remember that your clients are crucial to the success of your brand and that they are deserving of your respect.

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Tech Gift Sets